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Workshops with Lalita 

Making Your Dance More Exciting with Spins and Turns
Lalita will employ her extensive study and years of ballet training to help you spin and turn with style and grace. She will lead you through exercises and drills based on ballet technique to help you identify your body center and develop proper alignment so that your spins and turns look effortless and beautiful. Additionally, she will assist you with transitions so that the incorporation of such elements is done with confidence and polish. The repertoire of spins and turns can then be modified for use in any style of dance to make your performance dynamic and unique.

Lalita has studied ballet since the age of two, and she continues to find this classic art form to be a source of inspiration both on and off stage. Lalita will guide you through ballet basics from stretching and warm up to posture and combinations that will help you incorporate strong, beautiful lines and effortless, precise technique into your performance. The lifted carriage and graceful alignment of a ballet dancer can be fused into any art form giving your dance a confidence and certain "je ne sais quoi."

Bellydance and Burlesque classes at FIT in Boonsboro

Want to feel sexy, sassy, strong, and fit?
This season, I am offering Burlesque fitness.  This flirty and fun class combines toning, stretching, bumps, grinds, and shimmies in dynamic and delicious combinations, drills, and choreography.  It's a total body workout that will leave you feeling flexible, empowered, toned, and fabulous!  Come unleash your inner SHOWGIRL!                                    Classes are Mondays @ 7pm and Thursdays @ 10:15am  
Fit in Boonsboro
3 St. Paul St., Boonsboro, MD